InVivoSwiss SA is a biotech company founded in 2014 as spin off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne. The company is headquartered in the Scientific Park of Innovation at EPFL, a vibrant center of cutting-edge research and innovative technologies in Switzerland.


Our mission is to be world leaders in the development and validation of tools and technologies for non-invasive optical and nuclear in vivo imaging modalities. We are passionate about the interface of biology, chemistry, and physics to provide new technologies to better understand cellular functions at molecular level to find solutions to fundamental problems in biology and medicine.


The team

InVivoSwiss interdisciplinary team of scientists has extensive experience in molecular and cell biology as well as preclinical optical/PET imaging techniques, drug development and organic synthetic chemistry.

Products and Services

InVivoSwiss SA also provides contract research services to leading academic laboratories and biotechnology companies such as generation of novel cell lines, animal studies that include optical imaging, and production of custom-made reagents for optical/PET imaging.