Currently no efficient methodologies exist that allow real-time and non-invasive sensing of cellular processes as well as enzymatic and metabolic events in living organisms. To address this unmet need, we aim to develop and commercialize a panel of novel tools for imaging a wide variety of biological targets and pathways.



PeroxyTrace is a chemically modified firefly luciferin molecule that selectively reacts with H2O2 to release firefly luciferin, which in turn triggers a bioluminescent response in the presence of firefly luciferase. The high sensitivity and selectivity of PeroxyTrace for H2O2, combined with the favorable properties of bioluminescence for in vivo imaging, afford a unique technology for real-time detection of H2O2 levels both in vitro and in living animals in vivo.

Hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen Sulfide Imaging agent is the caged luciferin bioluminescent imaging probe that detects H2S concentration with high sensitivity, high spatial and temporal resolution as well as selectivity. It has been extensively validated for various in vitro and in vivo applications.

Slow release luciferin

Whole animal non-invasive bioluminescent imaging has been utilized to study multiple biological processes such as gene expression, protein-protein interaction and cellular trafficking. It is widely used for in vivo studies and preclinical drug development of a range of diseases such as cancer and infectious disease as well as for stem cell research. Since regular luciferin exhibits relatively short circulatory half-life, we developed a slow release luciferin formulation that significantly extends its in vivo circulatory half-life, thus making the possibility of long-term observations in animals possible. Long half-life and slow decay of the signal is also ideal for 3D tomographicalimaging applications.

Contract research

InVivoSwiss SA also provides contract research services to leading academic laboratories and biotechnology companies such as generation of novel cell lines, animal studies that include optical imaging, and production of custom-made reagents for optical/PET imaging.

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